Pi Zero W Review

I purchased the Pi Zero W on the first day straight after my friend told me it came out. I ordered the 'Mega Kit' which comes with the Pi itself, some pins, a HDMI converter, a USB dongle and a power supply of your choice. Remember to be careful and select the right one: I ordered an EU instead of UK and was unable to change my order. However, you can just use a normal micro USB cable to power it (an Android phone or camera normally comes with one).

When it arrived I was very happy with it: it was very small (smaller than it looks in the pictures), easy to set up and overall good quality. I plugged the Pi directly into a spare TV I had laying around for power and then connected it via HDMI for video. For a keyboard and mouse I plugged a USB hub into the dongle so I could have more than one peripheral plugged in - I recommend you purchase one. Set up was super easy, once you get NOOBS and Raspian installed it's pretty self explanatory, if you have experience using Linux based operating systems it'll be very familiar. The only issues I've had was at first I couldn't connect to my internet (wasn't putting in my password right) and I'm still unable to connect to my Pi using SSH, SFTP or VNC from my Mac (not sure why, probably an issue to do with firewalls).

Overall, it was an amazing purchase and definitely worth the money. Whether you want one to build a robot or just to store media on it it's totally worth it.